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Marie’s Corner has been one of the leading international brands in the world of sofas made in Belgium for 30 years. The company has distinguished itself by its ability to reinterpret European trends in decoration while offering a strong Belgian identity in its creations. As a master in the art of combining shapes, colours and materials, the brand creates a unique and elegant style offering comfort.


Marie’s Corner makes bespoke and customisable seatings which are faithful to traditional craftsmanship.


With more than 150 exclusive models, more than a thousand nishes and an infinite number of possible combinations, each item is a unique creation. Marie’s Corner has, over time, produced models which have become iconic. The brand is active in around twenty countries, mainly in Europe.


The Belgian leader in “tailor-made” sofas offers its obsession with comfort in all of its creations. Marie's Corner presents new models, nishes and fabrics each year, and is constantly reinventing itself while preserving its DNA and its values of tradition and authenticity.


Marie’s Corner offers a creative service adapted to specific requests such as producing a dining room bench, renovating a high-end hotel, decorating a restaurant, installing a clubhouse or any another major real estate project.

Year after year, Marie’s Corner enriches its portfolio with prestigious references.

The company has been involved in many high-end projects: La Forêt (Val d’Isère), Botanic Sanctuary (Antwerp), Caillou (Knokke), Mademoiselle (Val d’Isère), Château de Vignée (Rochefort), The National Golf Club (Sterrebeek), Solières by Les Airelles (Courchevel), Oh Perché (Paris), Patchwork (Paris) or Fiera (Antwerp), etc. 


The Belgian brand is part of the prestigious BEL (Brussels Exclusive Labels) which brings together the 80 most emblematic brands in the Belgian capital.