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Flagship of the Belgian jewelry, Ihsan Jadron creates and offers, under her registered trademark Mlle JADRON, a line of artistic works in a refined style with resolutely oriental accents.

Since 2016, after being elected by the Superior Diamond Council of Antwerp, during its annual international competition, Ihsan Jadron presented her luxurious Tajine, the perfect opportunity to combine and glorify both diamond jewelry and Moroccan culinary tradition. Then, she exhibited her creations during the Hong-Kong Jewelery Fair, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and at the Belgian Pavilion of the Universal Exhibition in Milan.

Discover, on the photos below, her most recent creations, some real fresh invitations to travel that she offers to you to the Land of the distant sunset and the rich cultural heritage of her proud origins.

Very special thanks to the Brussels Corner for investing and trusting his talents. This commitment honors the city of Brussels and gives its local artists, of whom Ihsan Jadron is humbly part, the means to achieve their ambitions.